Inductive switch infrared sensor switch power relay can be connected to any lamp

Inductive switch infrared sensor switch power relay can be connected to any lamp



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220V10A high power relay human infrared sensor switch, the special price, more than 10 packets mail oh (Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan).
Because most of the engineering customers, so the product does not bring independent packaging and manual, mind the pro cautious.
[the default setting is that it works when the light is dark at night. So the day after receipt of the goods, installation and testing, is not light, please don\'t misunderstand a problem into a product. The day after installed, please wait until the night when the light is dark to test whether the normal work]
Product description :
Human induction switch, which functions on the use of light intensity and the human body heat release infrared as the control source, automatic control of the light and out, to avoid the tedious manual switch lights, and with automatic delay can be extinguished, more energy saving. Widely used in all kinds of building stairs, corridors, corridors, toilets and other public places. In addition to the switch affixed above the product description, with no other instructions and certificate, do not take care! This link is described in detail using a description of the.
Features and functions :
1, suitable for incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, LED lamp, electronic fluorescent lamp, exhaust fan, etc..
2, built-in automatic lamp body sensors, people to light, people take the automatic out, without
Also install switch. (human activity in the induction range will automatically delay, people still leave or after a delay period before lights out)
3, the lamp inside the human body automatic sensor uses infrared heat release device, accurate capture of the mobile body
The low frequency signal, automatically turn on the lights.
4, the human body after the departure of the automatic delay, easy to achieve energy saving.
5, the lamps and lanterns are equipped with automatic environmental illumination detection circuit, only in the environment of less than
The fixed value, the sensor before induction lights, more energy-efficient.
Technical parameters :
1, induction mode: PIR + light induction
2, rated voltage: 50HZ 220V
3, output mode: relay
4, light source power: Energy saving lamp ≤ 200W
Can be connected to a number of load, the total power not more than 60W
5, delay time: 25s or so
6, the induction distance: 6± 2m (this distance is the direction of the probe, the distance between the two sides of the probe is limited by the induction angle and the installation height is generally only about 1-3 meters)
7, induction angle: 100°
Note :
1. Please disconnect the power supply and ensure the safety.
2. It is forbidden to exceed the power range of the application (including current and voltage).
3, can not be installed in the water shower.
4, the detection distance varies with the environmental temperature. The detection distance is shorter in summer, and the most obvious is the most obvious when the temperature is close to the human body.
5, can not be installed in the -20 degrees and higher than 60 degrees.
6, please do not put in the sun\'s direct position.
7, it is recommended not to install the location of active objects.
8, the first electricity is about a minute during the initialization, there will be flashing, is a normal phenomenon.
9, in the coastal areas, due to the currents caused some warm airflow may trigger the sensor installation, please note. If you install an incandescent lamp, please leave the sensor alone. 1m above the distance ).

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