AT89C2051 six bit microcontroller digital clock parts Suite 6 digit display electronic clock DIY

AT89C2051 six bit microcontroller digital clock parts Suite 6 digit display electronic clock DIY



New product

The kit for the independent products, the production shop sale, has the following advantages compared to similar products:
1, PCB circuit design is reasonable and beautiful, in the PCB production plant in Shenzhen is owned by manufacturers, uniform line clean, clear and clean screen.
2, the thickness of the circuit board for FR-4 glass plate, 1.6mm sheet copper is hard, thick, welding process is not easy peeling.
3, all the components are new, key components such as digital tube, MCU are rigorously tested to ensure that all qualified.
4, AT89C2051 has been written to the MCU clock program, welding is used, without debugging, accurate.
5, parts of independent bag, use thick plastic film is heat sealed to ensure component transport process does not fall, the hand a lot.
6, each package equipped with principle diagram and PCB diagram and element list.
7, homegrown, adequate supply.
A description:
1, the six digital clock suite, the control chip AT89C2051, digital tube using 3 only 0.36 inch double red common anode LED digital tube, display clear, high brightness, because it is the scan showed the way, so each digital tube ABCDEFG each foot with parallel bus, the change value can change the display brightness R1-R7 resistance.
2, S1 button for time calibration, hold for more than 2 seconds to enter the calibration time, shifting, exit, rapid point of contact for numerical time adjustment.
3, the circuit to increase a 3V backup battery groove, blackout AT89C2051 with battery backup power supply, the clock doesn\'t stop, but digital tube does not show that call backup battery out of action (state of charge), AT89C2051 adopts an external power supply, the digital tube display properly. You can add a power switch, go out when the power is turned off, come back to open, so that the clock is normally displayed, to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. This shop does not support the battery, the buyer to solve their own.
4, tips: such as digital control can not be normal, please disconnect the power supply, remove the spare batteries, and then re installed on the power that is restored to normal.
Two, parameters:
Working voltage: DC DC6-12V, recommended voltage: DC9V
Backup battery: button cell CR2032 (3V)
Working current: 35mA (external power supply)
Standby current: 1.2mA (standby battery powered)
PCB material specifications: FR-4, 90*70mm, 1.6mm thick, double UV green
Digital display: 0.36 inch, red light, Yang type, 15*14*8mm (length * width * height)
Gross weight: 41g parts
Three, production:
1, schematics, PCB diagram and component list and AT89C2051 SCM has burn a good program, such as customer learning need, we can also free of charge to provide reference.
2, to facilitate the production, free to take out or raise LED digital tube, 1*40 single row hole socket welding available on the PCB board. This package does not contain the socket, no need to go elsewhere to buy goods.
3, according to the drawings, do not need to debug, the success rate is very high. Suitable for college students and the occupation of electronic enthusiasts production.

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